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Pay for freelancers

There are different types of writers, and most of them have different rates. There is no standard pay rate for freelancers. If you research the pay of freelancers, you will get a range that is so broad, which is not useful. 

What determines the different rates of freelance salaries?

Experience factor

 Based on experience. Beginners earn low-level pay while the experienced ones one more. 

Among beginners, the average range pay Is between $21-$40 an hour. At the intermediate level, the average salary is $41-$60 an hour. When you look at professionals, the average pay ranges between $81-$100 an hour. 


 The type of content you produce matters a lot, and the highest rates come from white paper. The prices range from $100-$200 an hour. Ghostwriting ad copywriting and technical writing pay between $40-$100 an hour.

It is, however, difficult to compare different projects using content. It is because they do not charge many projects per hour that they are either charged by word or plan.

Payment by word projects mostly ranges from $0.10-$ one a word. It is a smart method to charge. 

Payment by the project, on the other hand, can pay from $200 to $4500 depending on the type of project.


 Copywriting pays more compared to content writing. It is because copywriting focuses on sales. Research shows copywriters earn $50,000 plus. 

Where to get a good-paying job?

Many newcomers settle for low paying jobs, working with content mills, since getting the high paying jobs can be a hard place to hack. To get into the next step, a writer needs to get to a bidding site. Here a writer can accept bids. It Is better than working for content mills because they play poorly.

Where can you get big payouts?

Many freelancers ask this question. The one thing concluded as the way to get the best rates is by pitching. Send pitches to the client. Could you share your work with them and the portfolio? Your portfolio needs to be reliable. For a high paying gig, you have to prove yourself. 

Find Your Rate

At the start, you will have to settle for a content mill to pay your dues. The pays are low, but it is a good starting point. The next step is joining a bidding site. Accept bids from clients. Here you will have jobs that have a bit higher rater than the content mill as you grow in your freelancing career and reach a place where you can set your rates. Look at other writers at your stage and see how much they are charging compared to the projects you are taking.

How do you calculate your rate?

 Points to remember when setting up rates.

  • How much do you need per hour to live a comfortable life
  • Add 25% on top of that: Covers benefits and taxes.
  • Add another 10%: goes towards office expenses.

Once you calculate your hourly rate, quote this to potential clients who want to pay hourly if you come across clients that charge per word. Figure per hour how many words you can write. 

Some projects take more time. Monitor your output between heavy and light pieces. You need to know how to charge in case you encounter a big project that requires a lot of effort.


 As you navigate through the freelancing journey, you can sometimes feel discouraged because you’re not getting worth what you’re putting out. Stay patient and be consistent. With time you will be able to get that high paying project.

Do not discourage yourself if you are not at the level of your career that you want to be. Whichever place you are, be confident, and know your worth. 


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