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Freelancing Guide for New York City

Yeah! I know that New York has a “wowing” effect on people. It’s a big city where dreams are claimed to always come true. Well, this depends on how hard you are willing to work on them.

Despite being mainly associated with the film industry, freelancing here has a great shot to the halls of fame. What I mean is that you could find some of the most lucrative deals here.

New York City is one of the busiest cities in the world. It has a very huge population ranging from the most accomplished personalities to those looking for greener pastures. Despite the high cost of living in this city, freelancers have the chance to tap into one of the greatest gold mines in the freelancing world.

The city has a high income per capita earning that most people, as well as businesses, are doing well. With this resilience in mind, freelance writers are assured of very well paying gigs.

But let’s dissect the true picture on the ground first.

As earlier stated New York is one of the busiest and well-performing cities in the world. This makes it ripe for freelance job hunting.

However, you need to tread very carefully when searching for a writing gig here or from a company that is located in New York. The reason is that most clients located here are wealthy, busy, and quality-oriented.

This means that you need to up your game (that is if your skills are not sharp enough). Besides, most clients do not have time to micromanage you and/or your progress. So, if you are one of those freelancers who depend on a lot of back and forth messaging asking for clarifications or anything in those lines, you might have a hard time.

For a town that you can expect to earn about 30% more, it is safe to say that New York freelance works are some of the best in the offing. The only requirement is that you should know what you are doing and you will have some of the best working relationships with your clients. 

Ranging from essays to white papers, there are so many options for writing jobs for you to choose from. However, you should note that there are so many other aspiring freelancers looking for the same jobs. This means that you have to go the extra mile to secure your chances of winning writing gigs.

Despite the stiff competition for writing jobs in New York, one of the best points of getting a writing job here is that you might get the chance to work closely with an experienced editor. While this is meant to bring you up to speed with the way they do things, it’s a great plus for you to hone your skills and up your freelancing game. 

Quick advice, once you land a writing job in New York, try as much as you can to ask for more subsequent work. That is if you are interested in creating a good cash reserve as well as expand your expertise.


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