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How To Find A Freelance Job When You Have No Experience

If you are interested in work from home writing job, this is one of the fastest growing online industries. It is a great opportunity to utilize your skills and earn from it. You can work at your pace, and this flexibility makes this one of the best online methods of making money. But there is a catch; to get writing orders, your clients require experience and you might have a hard time getting consistent orders without it. However, it is still possible to break into writing from home jobs without previous writing experience. In this article, you will find tips to help you get writing gigs as a beginner. Read on.

Lean on Previous Work Experience and Training/Certification

It is true you have not been writing but this is no reason not to get started. After all, everyone has to start somewhere. If for instance, you have been teaching chemistry, there is no good reason not to order chemistry writing papers. Whatever your academic background, you can easily identify a niche by looking at job boards. You can use your certification to apply for such gigs and emphasize your experience in a particular field. It is one of the easiest ways to gain a foothold in at freelance writing jobs.

Pick a Niche

This is the most important step when getting started as a freelance writer with no experience. A niche refers to your area of specialization. If you are a trained veterinarian, you can start writing about pet care and how to articles on the same.

Learn About the Freelancing Industry

You need to learn about the industry rules and regulations before getting started. Read articles intended for beginners and learn all the basics. For instance, you need to learn about plagiarism and how to avoid it, Google Webmaster Rules, white and black hat SEO techniques, academic writing styles and other requirements. They will come in handy when you finally start writing.

You might have no published samples but this is no reason to stop you. Once you learn about the rules of writing, start creating your samples and send them to prospective employers. When applying for freelancing writing gigs, use these samples to vouch for your skills.

Build an Online Presence

Once you identify your niche, start publishing your works online and share them widely. You can start by sharing them with your friends or guest blogging as long as you attract some attention. Make sure you tell readers about your availability to create high-quality content at a fee. Another great idea is to start a blog and share your posts widely on social media and other platforms.

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Look For in-Person Meetups

When you have no experience, it is easier to find freelance writing jobs no experience by meeting up potential clients face to face. For instance, you can look at local businesses looking for web copy and arrange a meeting. It is easier to land a gig this way when you have no experience. If you want to write from home but have no skills, you can use these simple methods to get started.


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