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A Newbie’s Guide to Freelance Writing

Have you ever come across people who will always complain about every single thing that goes wrong with them? Or those who will always give excuses for their failures? There is a common trait among the two groups; irresponsibility. Freelancing, like every other tasking job, is not a free ride. Many people see freelance writing as an escape route from their laziness and think it is a quick money scheme. Hence they do not put in enough work to make their portfolio stand out. No matter how small it pays, every job has an essential guide that must be followed to succeed at it. Although you might ask different freelance experts how they succeeded and get differing answers, there will be similarities in what they say.

Firstly, ensure you can write efficiently and effectively. If you do not know how to write, start writing now; you learn how to write by writing. Adequate knowledge of English is a good place to start. English is the most popular language globally. If you cannot write, it will be difficult and even impossible for you to succeed in freelance writing. You must articulately communicate information in writing; else, the reader will not understand what you are trying to say. This makes it difficult for clients to rely on your work and delivery.

Also, to be a good freelance writer, you must be a good reader. The more you read, the more you learn, and the bigger your mindset. Knowledge is power and can also be called a currency. Your depth of knowledge is reflected in your writings. Read the works of top professionals in the freelance writing industry, keep improving your writing skills, grammatical, syntax, continuity, etc. they will help improve your work quality. If clients discover that you are a freelancer that keeps getting better every time, they will be glad and quick to give you other jobs. It helps them build trust in your work and ability. Also, take online writing courses, many of which are free to develop your writing skill. 

In addition, you can start by getting an editorial job with a news agency. This is like on-the-job training. You will get exposed to different methods of writing and writers. Sometimes, an editorial job offers diversity to a trainee due to its flexibility. The number of years you want to stay on the job depends on how much you have learned and still think you have to learn. Some experts will even advise you to stay in your editorial job and later on combine freelance writing without quitting your editorial job, except if it poses a threat to your chosen career.

If you can ascertain your skills are good enough to enter the industry, launch your freelance writing career. Create a quality portfolio on a freelance writing platform and market your skills maximally. Include a link to your previous writings in your portfolio and request client review from satisfied clients.  


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