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Freelance writing is a great opportunity to try something new and interesting!

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How to be a freelance writer

Monday mornings are the same pretty much everywhere, dreading to go back to work. It is something that happens to most of us. And every single morning you tell yourself you need something different. Freelancing interests you, but you do not have a unique idea of what it is all about. We will discuss what freelance writing is all about and ways to become one.

Freelance Writing, what is it?

It is a self-employed writer that can work on their basis. You can consider yourself a business owner if you are a freelance writer.

A freelancer is one who writes for different clients and pays per each assignment. Depending on the service that you are providing, you can identify yourself differently: blogger, content writer, SEO writer, content strategist, Web content creator, ghostwriter, or professional writer.

Freelance writers can offer different services. But as a beginner, focus on a single function that you will provide. Blog posts are the easiest and recommended because writing a blog, not a big project. It can be recurring also unlike the one-time jobs as copywriters. Other recommended services for a beginner are: Editing, Ghostwriting, copywriting, social media marketing, blog management.

As you continue writing, expand your skills and start offering other writing services. 

How to find a client?

It may take time before you figure out your ideal client. Before this, take on different writing jobs, and with time, you will find out what the client works well for you. Do not forget from small start-ups to big businesses, and all need content.

Some clients you may find when freelancing include: publications, agencies, educational establishments, authors, and blog owners.

How much is the pay?

The good thing about freelancing is, the more things you write, the more you get paid. When it comes to how much one can earn from freelance writing. The prices vary according to the type of business. Some businesses can pay $5, but you can get a client that can pay $100 per article. The prices vary depending on the client.

When you have a client, you need assurance that they will pay. Ensure that the communication between you and the client is apparent, and you get details concerning the payment. 

What requirements do you need to be a freelancer?

Unlike other jobs that ask for a degree, to be a freelancer, you do not need one. Having a degree is commendable, but that doesn’t mean people without it cannot be freelancers. The important thing you need to have is the ability to write in a well-organized manner. Sadly, if you cannot convey your message on paper, freelancing might not be for you. If it's something that motivates you, then do it.

How to be a Freelance Writer

  1. Find your Niche
  2. Build Your Writing Portfolio
  3. Have an online presence
  4. Start Pitching

Please note that when it comes to pitching. You can come up with a pitching process that can help you in sending the pitches. It is not an easy thing, and you need to send out as many proposals as possible.


Freelance writing can be a fulfilling way of life. For starters, you are your boss. You make your hours, and you make money according to the effort that you put into your writing. When you begin, it can be discouraging when you don’t get those high paying jobs. Be persistent and stay positive. Keep learning and expanding your skillset. The more you write, the more you will gain more knowledge and a better grasp of your writing.


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