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Freelance writing is a great opportunity to try something new and interesting!

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High paying writing jobs for beginners 

Freelancing is slowly becoming a growing profession. People are choosing to work from home or while traveling. As a freelancer, you learn to write about what you love. Freelancing apart from being versatile, it can be a very lucrative profession. For experts, they have the advantage of writing niche-specific articles. 

For beginners, still trying to navigate freelance writing and hoping to get a high paying job, this is for you. What strategies can you implement to get a high paying writing job?

Cut noise down

There is a large number of freelancers out there. But how can you stand out from the crowd? The truth of the matter is quality content is lacking, and there is a shortage of content writers. The demand keeps growing as companies come online.

The right connection matters. When looking for work that can pay more, you need to realize they are also looking for quality content. Avoid running after everything, choose a niche, and get good at it. If you are proficient in your niche, you will not have a hard time standing out. Being an expert in your niche also means you can ask for your rates.

Start a blog

It is essential to have a blog if you want to start your career as a freelance writer. The blog’s main objective is to show off your work and online presence while also maintaining your portfolio.

Most of the clients are SaaS companies and bloggers. Seeing a website is an excellent first impression. And when they notice that you have content on your website, their chances of hiring you to increase.

Guest blogging

It grows your portfolio, and it acts as a proof. Approach top blogs that accept guests. Get in touch with them and post your blog there. Be honest about your intentions. In your blog posts, don’t forget to advertise yourself as a freelancer for hire.

Join Facebook groups

Before you join any group, make sure that your profile shows that you are an excellent freelancer. When looking for groups on Facebook to participate in, remember not only to join groups with freelancers. But one with prospective clients.

Once in the group, involve yourself in the conversations and contribute. Make sure you add value to your communications. If you add value to the group, people’s interests will be to know more about you and look you up by checking your profile. You can make connections when people send friend requests and messages.

Cold outreach

If done right, cold outreach works like crazy. 

If you have many groups on Facebook, find people that need content for their site. Dig deeper into their website and get their contact. Using a template that works, reach out to this person on the emails. If you have all the client data, you can use a tailored outreach for them according to their needs.


Your network is your net worth landing on high paying writing jobs, and you need to network. Apart from networking with other freelancers, network with clients who need content. Networking for both helps in case a freelancer’s chances of having a lot of jobs they can refer you to their prospects. If you network with fellow freelancers, they can help you set rates that ensure you don’t get cheated.


To be the best freelancer known, you need to have the right strategy. With the right approach, you can increase your success rate. Being an independent freelancer can be great since having the freedom to work as you please. But also consider using content mills that assure a steady stream of a job without even heavy lifting.


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